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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dresses Tips Dependent Body Shape

Eko Warsanto

body shape dresses tips
Choose The Dress That Match With Your Body

Dresses Tips Dependent Body Shape, every woman always want to by pretty are you?, with right dress, you can make your self become limelight every where. so how to choose the dress that right in to your body?, before i give some tips to get that, the important think to know is that u don`t adjust the dress but the dress that adjust your body, with correct dress it mean the dress that make your shortage disappear and showing your body benefit.

Here are the tips for Dresses dependent your body shape:

Clock Shaped Sand body

if you a woman with Clock shaped sand body don`t hesitate to show your shape body.

Recommended to:

- Wear clothing that would spoil stretch every curve of your body you have

- Retro style is right for you. Belted jackets or pencil skirt is very fitting for you

- Piece at the waist will maximize your waist indentation.

Unrecommended :

- Don`t wear baggy or over sized tops, because you will look big and straight

- Don`t wear stretch that too tight otherwise shiny, because it make you look cheap.

- Don`t wear knitted patterned because it make you look big and fat on the chest and but ticks.

Straight Body shape

if you a woman with straight body shape, all you need is to pay attention to one thing, how to add curves to your body. Highly recommended you wear two pieces to give effect to the curve of the waist.

Recommended to:

- Focused on the volume of subordinates. Use a pleated skirt or with rimple for fuller impression of the

   lower body. Tops with ruffles are also advised to divert the eyes of your body straight

- Wear a wrap dress with a knot at the waist to add a notch.

- If u like jacket Try it, overalls with a boss or a cut at the waist or wear a big belt or a ribbon tied at the

Unrecommended :

-Don`t wear loose cloth, this make you don`t have curves.

-Don`t wear crop jacket or bolero because it make you don`t have a waist curve.

-Don`t wear a tight tops because this will reinforce the shape of your body.

The Small Body

if you a woman with small body, wear any cloth that make you more taller but not to much.

Recommended to:

- Choose a knee-length skirt don`t more then knee-length.

- Try to maintain tidiness by choose style would accentuate your body shape. Cropped jackets,Capri perfect for your petite

Unrecommended :

- Don`t wear clothing in layers or long skirts and trousers wide pipe. This outfit will 'drown' you.

- Don`t wear the right shoes that are too high because this would actually reinforce your height. Instead choose the right shoes with about 5 cm.

Big Breasts

if you a woman with big breasts, you do not need to feel uncomfortable with the size of the breasts if you can pick the clothes and the right clothes.

Recommended to:

- Wear nice underwear. The problems most frequently in large breasted women are choosing the wrong bra. The right bra will feature slim impression.

- Choose tops with v-neck long to divert attention from the chest. Do not forget to wear a tank top in it to cover the cleavage.
- Choose a jacket or shirt in cotton. Cotton will stick perfectly to the body so that the 'slimming' upper body.

Unrecommended :
- Don`t wear shirts that are too tight or open unless you really want to be a people's attention.

- Don`t wear tops like a turtle neck or who have a detail on the chest area as it will make the chest area to the attention of people.

The Big Hips

if you a woman with big hips like Jennifer Lopez, you need to do is disguise.

Recommended to:
- Choose a subordinate with dark colors that streamline. Have a pair of trousers wide as invests pipe. These pants can keep your body shape.
- Choose a subordinate that is simple or not much detail, like a pencil skirt or straight skirt that can make you look sexy.
- Divert attention with a boss who detail like open collar or shoulder width plus accessories.

Unrecommended :
- Don`t wear skirt with colour that make more bigger your hips.

i hope this Dresses Tips Dependent Body Shape can help you ~_*

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