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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Beckh Fashion Pants Day ~~

          Who doesn`t now the the 36-year-old footballer David Beckham?, with his wife Victoria, they are the role model for Fashion. lates news his Fashion is a Pants Day, yes The Beckh Fashion Pants Day ~~, even the air are freezing right now *_*, but it going hot because the beckh Fashion. in 2001 david said that he didn`t feel  being a model, "I definitely don't fancy myself as a model, definitely not. I'm not good looking enough for that.
but every body going to improve right? in 2012 he being model for £7.99 pants from david beckham Bodywear for H&M collection. According to the footballer, his sons responded to the semi-naked advert with a groaning "not again, Daddy". But widespread reaction is overwhelmingly positive. Hearteningly for H&M, it suggests that the reported $3.5m (£2.2m) that the high-street brand spent on securing the Superbowl ad break slot was money well spent.
          Reaction from within the industry to the Beckham underwear collection has been
kind. Suzy Menkes, respected fashion editor of the International Herald Tribune, summed up the general feeling: "Lots of people have worked with H&M, so why not David Beckham? I think it's a really good idea. It means now everybody can have a bit of him."
          If shoppers present at the London launch of the collection last Wednesday – where the footballer held babies, kissed fans and signed briefs – were an accurate barometer of sales, then the pants are set to be a massive Fashion commercial hit. Paul Taylor, a 38-year old-shopper from London, summed up the appeal: "There's something very real about him. Despite being a global superstar, everyone in this queue believes you could have a good chat with him."
           As for Beckham, his future Fashion plans for his underpants are ambitious. As shoppers queued to buy his pants, the footballer declared: "I want to be as big as Calvin Klein." can`t wait another Beckham`s Fashion  *_~

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