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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Warmth Fashion on Climate Control Fashion Show Burberry

Burberry catwalk show on the fourth day of London fashion week. Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA

Warmth Fashion on Climate Control Fashion Show Burberry. Fashion show is a show of force, and you can take a look more impressive power for climate control - such as Burberry looks at Hyde Park on Monday.

When the last show of Burberry has started to thunder, and the simulated hurricane sent water flowing on all sides of the transparent curtain, while the audience watched from the inside, there is a recommendation for Burberry event, where a lack of emotional warmth in the last few seasons restored.

Burberry is the biggest name in fashion week in London, and Christopher Bailey - twice British Designer Year - generally regarded as the best of fashion in England recognized. But it also loses some of its events.

Stiffness required to do the show, the world seems to live streaming can be collected with a cold tone to produce: a very thin sharp silhouette once again with

gold buttons and militarist Epaulettes.

But this collection - now available online in July and retail - the famous British eccentricity and weaknesses of animal models of knitted fabrics and an eclectic mix of rural and urban areas.

"A show needs to be emotive," Bailey said backstage. "I wanted to take an affectionate look at British cliches and make them into something that feels interesting and elegant. And I love the British weather, so it was fun to celebrate that."

The rain was a logical starting point for Burberry trench that is unmatched in his heart, but also other designers inspiration in unexpected places. Christopher Jane started the search for the show looks purple silk moire fabric used to line the coffin. "It's a bit 'disgusting but brilliant," he said.

Erdem Moralioglu, the creator of the brand Erdem, began the season "by looking at latex from a bondage store."

Prospects for fashion week in London, the weather will be sunny, participation, and congratulations to all levels increased. However, the talented designers that they should put it on the busiest day of the week is almost united in their vision of Gothic church window in the fall, dominated by purple and red trimmed in black leather and black lace.

This is not news, it seems dark. Success in the fashion it is a strong brand that customers can be seen in a crowded market and appreciate.

Both Kane, Erdem, Peter Pilotto and Antonio Berardi - who all subscribe to the vision of an elegant dark closet London last year - but the muscles that surround the height of the fashion world itself, and all the benefits of the combination nf the brand appeal only that London itself. If London has a distinctive face, increasing the power of visibility, the designers of the brand for the city.

Kane described the red light used for the collection of "blood red". He said: "I want a little time 'it harder this is the girl in my head for a nightclub, a soundtrack to the film, Al Pacino, Cruise, where he visited all the chills to hear a secret society".

"I want to get this benefit, a little 'dirty So I lace flowers. But the angry black man."The clothing is very beautiful and elegant. If you do not know that the red blood, Kane described the shadow of such coffin of cherry red, purple only layer of lead, it's purple.

Although the dress disco references designed primarily by women to become a great man who could wear his creations. Except for a few dress with keyhole cut in the ribs - no doubt a difficult figure to be eliminated most of the eye has long sleeves, closed with a seam at the knee.

After a short season, is a pastel, a collection of girls, which is a radical departure for Kane, but a customer with a sincere love for fashion. New look every six months is not difficult to sell to her.

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