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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Long hair style make woman look older

Eko Warsanto

long hair style
STYLE BISTRO long hair style Angelina Jolie make his face look older.

                     Most people, especially women, would want to always look young and beautiful. To realize these desires, not little expensive and dangerous treatments. When in fact there are a number of ways to always look younger and charming, without you having to spend too deep.

Makeup and hair style if applied correctly can make you look more handsome looks and fresh. Here are some tricks applying makeup to avoid the statement that you are much older age than real.

Wearing black eyeliner makeup
Using black eyeliner is very effective for those women who are born with slanted eyes or small. Therefore, this product can widen eyes instantly. However, you have to be careful, eye makeup dominated by dark colors and heavy textured, it makes your face look wilted and bright. Instead of bold makeup, the better you perform regular maintenance to get

the skin supple and fresh nan.

Hair too long, or too short
Hair too long will make your overall appearance is less fresh and young dampen hue. So, what to do? Cutting hair to short? Wait a minute, hair that is too short can backfire to your appearance.

Apparently, shoulder-length hair style allegedly as most appropriate haircut to "manipulate" real age. However, make sure this shoulder length hairstyles according to the shape and contour of your face.

Do not be "indifferent" to the wrinkles on the hands
In addition to the face, the features that are most easily seen others is hand. Well, the wrinkles on the hands can be transparently describe what your real age. Therefore, applying a moisturizing lotion routinely hands in the morning and evening in order to be soft at the same time subtle.

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