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Monday, February 13, 2012

Tips how to get Beautiful Lips

Eko Warsanto

How to get beautiful lips

Tips how to get  Beautiful Lips?, woman always want look beautiful any time any where aren`t you? not just the hairs, the eyes, the fashion dress or the lips  a sensual  parts of woman and it natural being like that. have beautiful lips of course it can be benefit for woman could be a man suddenly fall in love with you ha..ha.. here i want share some tips how to get beautiful lips on 5 steps.

how to get beautiful lips Step 1
Get outline your lip with the Lip Liner, use a sharp lip liner drawing it like your favorite fuller or tinnier, try to using the lip liner that have same color with your lipstick, start drawing in the centre portion and then come toward both the edges. In case of the lower lip, make the line from
both the sides

how to get beautiful lips
Step 2
Before take the lipstick, use lips balance to make a foundation first, try  balanced out to match the skin tone.

how to get beautiful lips

Step 3
Fill up your lip with the Lipstick, start  applying it at the center and then go towards the two sides. Similarly, for the lower lip, apply it from both the sides. Don't use too much of color. You still can try adding more color later on rather than removing the base colors.

how to get beautiful lips Step 4
Clean it little bit with clean tissue paper by hold it between both your lips, if u feel to much color on your lip, and finally give the last touch with lip gloss over your lipstick to make your lips seen fresh with shine.

 i hope this  Tips how to get  Beautiful Lips can get a little help to all of you ~_*

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