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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fashion Falls in Love in London

Erdem, House of Holland, Christopher Kane, McQ and Jonathan Saunders. Photograph: Getty Images, Wireimage, Rex Features

Fashion Falls in Love in London, Who the strongest brand in london fashion week this time? each people have their opinion, but in fact it was the city itself. thanks to sterling shows by homegrown designers from Stella McCartney to Burberry .

Stella McCartney and Sarah Burton came to the bridge had been removed from Burberry and Christopher Kane, but it seems more like a celebration of the contest, as the strongest brand in London Fashion itself. Potential of the idea of ​​London - creativity, originality and passion - the designers of the transfer to show here, not making a more entrepreneurial way of Milan, Paris or New York. Since the 60 mode has been mythologised London, in a way that dimitoskan theater in New York and Los Angeles.

By Stella McCartney and QCM (diffusion line by Alexander McQueen) came to the calendar that Burberry has easily dominated last season, is very important for luxury brands, under pressure, something special. This is a company with deep pockets: Could be a runway with supermodel or rock star, in order to deluge the public serenade. Conversely, as the finals began in a big tent under the auspices of the Albert Memorial transparent, simulation provides a shower of rain falling on the roof. This time in London, which reminds me of fancy shots in Hollywood movies, on Fifth Avenue in the snow, or the LA night illuminated by lights, such as a circuit.

Burberry can do whatever he wanted, and paid for rain in Hyde Park. It says a lot about the
meeting in London, where the fashion industry around the spirit of the city, echoing around. This theme is repeated throughout the week. QCM event is the first parade of the row and

the first performance in London for Sarah Burton, because this is a McQueen show in Paris in the last ten years. Burton moved a lot of McQueen, but McQueen was the atmosphere at the London show 11 or 12 years has ended. Hair style "it's filed, eyelashes and eyebrows white powder in bulk, wearing a Black Watch Scotland and sulk when stepped on.

When the show ended, the knee model Christian McMenamy, white rope to finally leave in the fall to track and follow it, because in the woods, hiding behind a false wall revealed the rope leading to a cabin in the woods that looked like a music haven. soldiers played and cocktails are served as a way to interpret the string. history McQueen conclusion - .. way back in the early events in London are the stuff of legend fashion, after all.

Stella put a cap on the show in London for the season by hosting a dinner that starts slowly and ends with dancing on tables, chairs and throwing Kate Moss smoking in the toilet - if not the brand in London, I do not know what it is. Mulberry lot of fun with history books, in English and dog boarding Japes in the luxury dog ​​brand podium to date, vest and jabket lined with sheepskin lining, based on the Anya Hindmarch collection of packaging, how the quality of the theme, that Tea transport and cycling. Giles Deacon fashion industry in a small room, but the great Cathedral of Stationers' St. Paul, a miniature Hogwarts dining room with wooden benches and branded packaging is packed with heraldic banners, and hand over collection types luxurious flight, can not make money at all, but blood in the veins of the pump mode from London: Hairy and half masks, silk printed with the unicorn, the Saints and thistles. When the model is to dress the end with bullet holes and burn marks in trouble, they usually follow the British tradition of the procession.

But London is not just a fashion designer in cooperation with the ideals of the city. They also produce consistent advice, what clothes you wear may be next season. To view the autumn in London is cooler, clearer and darker than pastel summer. Reference 50, was rejected, and 20-s limited to a party dress, with an emphasis on modern and elegant. They wore red or purple or royal, paired with a white flower print with a high probability of digitized somewhere in the mix. Be easy on the neck and shoulders square, but not excessive. Skirts will be comfortable but not too short. Head black, leather upholstery and is available worldwide. Peter Pilotto dress is, Peony Print Dress by Jonathan Saunders, covered with lace and black silk cheongsams Erdem remind all prints from In the Mood for Love. Something about the silhouette cheongsam - sweetness and air of confidence, sexual desire and self-containment - it looks attractive to designers in London this season.

Christopher Kane has done a brilliant designer of London, with something that is considered in bad taste, and make it covetable. Moire - the effect of the oil, as Kane says, happily, has been associated with coffin lining - used to create a bright purple outfit with a black suburb of Parma origami corner fast. Antonio Berardi, do something else again: a collection of interior and sculptures inspired by the Italian Rococo, less concerned with the tendency of some beautiful clothes that women wear unusually heavy Berardi want to buy. Sequin evening gown studded with clumps formed Oscar worthy, but even better applied to a black coat with black roses, wavy petals of chiffon one more jet beads in the middle. Berardi said the age of chiffon petals spread, and the beads on the bottom began to emerge. In other words, this is the coat, which is more beautiful with age. "You know what, I do not care about trends," he said. "I buy clothes because I fell in love with it, and that is why I want to buy my clothes, because they fall in love." yeah Fashion Falls in Love in London ~_*

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