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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tips For Short Hair To Look Sexy

Eko Warsanto

Tips For Short Hair To Look Sexy

Tips For Short Hair To Look Sexy, Owner Philips Pelusi salons in pittsburgh and tela design studio in New york city who is a superstar hairstylist Philip Pelusi says that " short hair can be very sexy, like halle berry, rihanna and annette bening get it perfectly."

Here are the tips if you going to short hair style :

1. Used the makeup always
if you go to short hair style, fisrtly other people visula interest on you are going to go immediately to your eyes and your face like pelusi says "You're going to need a little bit of makeup. If you don't do that, you're going to look too unisex."
so you can bring out cheekbones by keeping your look soft and feminine with a bit of blush and use eyeliner to get eyes pop.

2. Styling daily
You're talking five minutes max to style in the morning," Pelusi says the way
is just upshot is that styling your hair is a really snap, blow dry and then run a styling paste or cream through your hair and it done.

3. Consider your face, neck, and shoulders shape
Three of it are very important considering to deside are we going get a cropped cut will flatter or just pull the hair back into a ponytail? because when your hair going more shorter it will more emphasize all of these features. look the mirror are witch one you like it?, the more short pixie cuts work best on woman with a petite frame, a slender neck and an oval face.
for more universally flattering style, leave a bit of length on the top likely two or three inches and style it with a bit of lift and tecture. the back should look feminine and be cut close to the neck, but not buzzed."Almost anybody can wear that because it comes up and off the face," Pelusi says.

4. Highlights
It suggest to an highlights suggest to give your cropped cut demension, you'll have to keep them up along with regular trims. Pelusi says " go one or two shades lighter throughout. Or, try Rihanna's eye-catching splash of color front and center, if you've got the bold personality to pull it off."

interested with the short hairstyle? or maybe you already have it ~_*, i hope this Tips For Short Hair To Look Sexy could by little help for you.

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