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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dresses Tips For Mother Career

Eko Warsanto

Are you a woman Career that have a children or can be call mother career woman?, if yes it Dresses Tips For Mother Career could be use full for you, a mother , also a career woman more easily to recognized them, in principle they get a variety of things at once, like laptop with shopping bags and more. women who work are also a mother who seems to be a blend of both worlds. very little of a mother and carer woman during the day to attend the meeting attending a lunch meeting with parent to educate their children.

Working mothers do not have much time. Must be able to set the time and practically in terms of mix and match clothing. Please do not subject, here are some things that might help, the Great Mother, to save time without hyperactive style here are the tips for mother career.

1. At least one suit
No need to buy too many clothes, bags or other parts of clothing, because you can wear them from time to time. People will know right away if you wear a piece, as it's pretty iconic. To be used simultaneously, and you should immediately wash the clothes worn are rarely repeated.

2. Blazers and jackets
Blazers and jackets is the official best way to create a professional impression on the skirt or pants. Also, if you replace with jeans or leggings subordinate blazer or jacket would seem to present a fun and chic. Choose a jacket or blazer neatly by color (color), according to the body, and without much detail. Investment in different lengths. Jacket worn only skin deep, though not too many times you wear dirty clothes to wear in place.

3. Skirt
Skirt is important to have professional clothing. Compact design of the skirt is always sure to have. Make sure that you can combine clothes with other clothes you have. If a stone with an average size, choosing not to be too short or too long. You want to be able to move freely without having to worry about lifting her skirt is very short, or too difficult to move, because it is too long.

4. Pants
"Rules" Choose a pair not far from the "rules" set up two colors. Pants are definitely a good part of the body, such as cutting the leg or boot chic when paired with denim jacket, jackets, vests, and so forth. Khaki pants are also very easy to match. However, beware of khaki pants that are too thin, because they may seem less attractive if you want "menyeplak" silence on the curve or the deposit of fat in the hips and buttocks, whole, s' is (Visible Panty Line) VPL.

5. Blouses
Choose a blouse or shirt with sleeves and a small flower detail variations. Imagine a beautiful dress, but you can still move freely, taking into account the children running around or seek help contribute to the seat belt in the back seat. The arm is too long with the wrong model is difficult to move, when I had to do things like that.

6. Cardigan
Cardigan with all the standard forms in the neck, the neck is a V-neck or scoop will help you move, while appealing. Instead of buying a sweater that can be raised from time to time, support is more difficult, the jacket is the best choice.

7 Great bag
Large bag will help you get a lot of wet bags, make up, comb, phone, organizer and wet, towel dry and needs of children. Make sure it is strong enough hand luggage through many "trials", but also the style of the time, to satisfy the customer.

8 Jewels
Gem is the little things that look good with a woman at a time. Earrings, necklaces and watches are not made of similar design, as long as the same material with silver or gold color is enough. Choose a design that is simple, elegant. Do not need a big band in a row and every time you buy. You'll move more, imagine how loud the band?

9. Underwear
This is the best investment for you to feel safe. Some women do not know if it does not match the dress, but for some women, the clothes should be similar, at least in color. For those of you who "do not fit" to access the best to buy clothes every day with the same color. This rule applies only to underwear that concern you. Save the clothes are expensive and only for one special night another man, well, sections filled with another color. You'll save time if you have a wash every day with the same color, do not bother looking in the morning.

10. Stocking
Type of user are you straight? If yes, for distant day, make sure you keep a backup copy of the new socks at home and at work. You never know what events, make holes in their stockings. This is the most embarrassing, because it makes you look inconsiderate.

11 Scarf
Scarf is also an interesting option to enhance the fun. Then the bag, neck, or attach the hair to be placed on a hot day. Make sure the color is paired with a dress that you have.

12 Consider the material
You know that the daily activities will be high, too often, they rush and sweaty clothes. Make sure the clothes are made with materials that absorb sweat, to avoid buying clothes that are worn with a daily program is the "Dry Clean Only" sign. The type of clothing "Dry Clean Only" take some time to clean it and the price is not cheap. By wearing the symbols of this kind can be worn on several occasions, especially during official events.

The points above are guidelines for mothers who would return more and more attractive, while working as a mother and active workers to suffer. But to make a puzzle, because at the end of the day, the little man does not really matter what you think using the most important thing, he knows you are still with him when he needed. i hope this Dresses Tips For Mother Career could have you ~_*

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