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Friday, February 10, 2012

How To Tie Keffiyeh Neck Wrap Scarf

Eko Warsanto

How To Tie Keffiyeh Neck Wrap Scarf?, this style is popular for young people that have full spirit life ^_^
as the name of keffiyeh is  a traditional Arab headdress fashioned.

Here are the steps ~_*:

Step 1
Fold scarf in half to form a triangle
Step 2
Make the long edge along your neck with the triangle pointing downward

Step 3
Wrap the ends around your neck to make under the triangle 

i hope this tips How To Tie Keffiyeh Neck Wrap Scarf can get a little help to all of you ~_*

you can also see another tips for how to tie casual swing scarf . ~_*

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