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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mary Katrantzou Beauty In Everyday Life

 Mary Katrantzou collection at London fashion week. Olivia Harris/Reuters

Mary Katrantzou Beauty In Everyday Life, London Fashion Week last growing season, not losing a sense of humor. This is a message from the podium on Tuesday, as the ordinary objects such as typewriters, clothes hangers and Quality Street chocolates, heart action was taken.

When Mary Katrantzou show, the creators of haute couture, everyday objects in status. Impression of the tub, the bubbles of foam-based pearl set in relief, he appeared in Elizabeth inspired high neck, silk lace,. Spinner of the press repeats peplum, while an old rotary phone printing silk coat decorated stiff. Silk pants complete the look.

Ridiculous when all the votes, the results are not at all stupid. This collection, as described Katrantzou screen, it is to "celebrate the beauty in everyday life" and "raise the ordinary to the sublime." So the pressure in the form of a tunic, chiffon silk robe and inflatable was carried out. This reduction in borrowed sewing and

although impressions can have unexpected results are stunning, with the best events of the week.

A prominent rock. Embroidered with hundreds of yellow HB pencil real, this is a rock pen 'and pencil "is equipped with the more traditional jewelry made of Swarovski crystals. Skirt was embroidered by Lesage, first French haute couture house he had worked a week in London stylist. They surprised with a pencil? "They are very curious," says Katrantzou.

Katrantzou, a graduate of Central Saint Martin's Press, who established a reputation as the queen of digital printing. To this common inspiration with taste and refinement, not a wink, a boost impulse amateur geddit do, we need a real class. Tuesday's meeting demonstrated a growing brand with great potential. Behind the scenes with a call for international buyers to congratulate him.

Anya Hindmarch has built an empire of accessories in the last 24 years, but this year was his first show. Handbag has said he expects Quality Street chocolates before making a presentation that has seen the field, and fun.

The scene was created as a bridge like the Willy Wonka factory. The workers in overalls and Hilda Ogden style scarf with a cigarette hanging flower out of his mouth a cup of tea is served before the show begins. Big wheels turning, rolling conveyor belt with sequin bag like a Barbie doll in a box before the first line and flaming torches in the hands of the masterminds in white gloves. As seen on the curtain fell, betrayed to the designer - Mad Professor-like - cycling on a bike that has sparked a car factory.

It shows the dynamic - a direct result of Hindmarch appoint CEO for the business side of the sign, so designers are free to concentrate on the creative side - end up with thousands of quality conveyor belts Road resident brown oblique, who replied with joy like a child. "I want capture the feeling of excitement," said the designer, "because the accessories are all excited for me. what do you think about Mary Katrantzou Beauty In Everyday Life?

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