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Friday, February 10, 2012

How To Tie Casual Swing Scarf

Eko Warsanto

Casual Swing

How To Tie Casual Swing Scarf ? the beauty style tying scarf that easy to make, suitable with any outfit, the trick is similar to European Loop, but you just insert one end of the scarf into the folds (from the inside out). While the other end is inserted into the fold with the opposite direction, from outside to inside.

Here are the steps ~_*:

Step 1
Fold the scarf in to half lengthwise until both the ends are on one side.
Step 2
Hang the scarf in to your neck.

Step 3
Cross the left side into the right side
Step 4
Now give the hoop one twist one in the upper and the other in under ( pic 4,5,67 )

i hope this tips How To Tie Casual Swing Scarf  can get a little help to all of you ~_*

you can also see another tips for how to tie western neck wrap scarf. ~_*

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