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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tips For Retro Dresses Style

Eko Warsanto

Retro dresses style
Tips For Retro Dresses Style

        What the first word would you saying about retro style? old? out date mode? well it true, but it incorrect if a people says it bad fashion, the fact are a lots celebrities are fans of this retro style including Katy Perry, Emma Stone and Kelly Osbourne.

Here some tips for retro style dresses:

  • Choose what retro style era that u want 
it often from 50s,60,70s, but you still can have general retro style by combining pieces from the different eras. for examples 50s identical with
leather jackets and wool dinner, 60s with neutral colors and cross over hues, which shirts and ties by psychedelic and hippies patterns of course, 70s for disco and Western shirts, leisure suits with butterfly collar, button down shirts and the other.
  •  Try to mix the modern retro and vintage style
make some innovation to blend modern retro style with vintage style, and take some accessories to make more pretty *_~
  • use some accessories retro style
use some hats, shoes and jewelry, that allows for more flexibility in your wardrobe.
  • enjoy your self
pick some design and pieces that you are comfortably.

happy retro dresses *_~

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