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Saturday, February 11, 2012


Eko Warsanto


Long time ago i  was readed some news that new manager in england football club being a role model of fashion because scarf, scarf ? O_o yeah a piece of cloth around the neck or close to the head for protect from cool air, interesting to discussing the scarf,  i am gone give you some tips to tie the scarf, before that let`s see the history of scarf.

Ancient Rome was one of the first origins of the scraf,  in which it not used to stay warm, but keep it clean. This is called the towel, whhch translated from Latin into English as "sweat cloth", and is used to wipe the sweat frol her neck and face when it's hot. Originally worn by men associated with the neck or waist. Shortly using nonwoven woolen shawls, pashmina or silk, and as a scarf for women's fashion.

Historians believe that the reign of Emperor Cheng of China, a scarf made ​​of materials that are used to identify the agent or to make the rank of a Chinese soldier.

At a later stage also scarves by soldiers of all ranks in Croatia bears around the 17th century. The difference lies only in a designated soldier scarf difference in ranking is that the agent has a line of silk scarves, while others issued with cotton scarves. Scarves man sometimes called the "link" (from French ties, "Croatia" means) and is the precursor of the necktie.

In the mid-20th century until now it became one of the  most important and versatile accessory for men and women, as you can see the Hollywood Celebrity also wear a scarf to look good.

Here are tips for variations in style scarf :

1. Ascot Knot
The simplest way tie, where you simply draping a scarf from the back of your neck forward, then a knot one end of the back to front. click here for more details

2. Butterfly Wrap
This style is represent beauty and elegant,  similar to Neck Wrap style, but,/span> you only make a ribbon forms a half. click here for more details

3. Casual Swing
The trick is similar to European Loop, but you just insert one end of the scarf into the folds (from the inside out). While the other end is inserted into the fold with the opposite direction, from outside to inside. click here for more details

4. European Loop
how to tie a scarf is the most frequently encountered today. How, fold the scarf into two parts. Kalungkan from the back of your neck forward, then insert the open end of the scarf into the fold the other end. Tighten the knot according to taste. click here for more details

5. Keffiyeh Neck Wrap
This style is popular subject of young people. But despite its name Keffiyeh, you are free to choose his scarf motif (not necessarily squares). How to use it, make a triangular fold of, shaped quadrilateral. Pair the triangle on the chest and neck, then cross the two ends to the left ,span class=$22hps">and right neck without making a knot. click here for more details
Western Neck Wrap
It is also quite simple. hang on scarf from the back of your neck forward, and create a bond like a ribbon. click here for more details

7. Quick Toss
This method is very easy. You just draping a scarf from the back of the neck, then draped one end to the rear. This bond is suitable for casual style. click here for more details

8. Shoulder Wrap
This bonding can be done if a square scarf. Fold the top right corner to the lower left corner to form triangles. Put on the back of the shoulder with both ends directed forward. Make a simple knot. click here for more details

9.  Twice-Around Ascot
This variasion tie the scarf is almost the same as the Ascot Knot, but first you have to put one end of the scarf to the back of the neck once more, and then make a knot in front  click here for more details. click here for more details

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