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Monday, February 27, 2012

Tips To Choose a Handbags That Suits Your Body Shape

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Handbags one of Fashion Accessories

After talk about how to dresses that suit with your body shape now i am gone give you another tips about Tips to choose a handbags that suits your body shape as we know that handbags is a fashion accessory, and you know that the accessories, which we use is as important as the clothes we wear to fashion. Every woman is aware of this. when they are looking for attention from anyone, especially a man, try, to see the best part of woman. The size and style bags that woman use is one of the things he saw.

Handbags should not be taken too surprising differences in clothing, but should blend in with the clothes. Handbag, you must use to accommodate all the things you wear. Color and design should be flexible bag that is suitable for use with various types and colors of clothing.

Tips on how to make a bag that is suitable to choose the shape of the body:

Great body shape from the waist down
If you have a great body shape has a waist down, the best strategy to cover this over a small bag with short straps. Type of bag is placed under the arm properly, so
for those who have the upper body can be drawn.

Great body shape at the top
if you have a great body shape at the top, then a larger bag with a long rope to the chest, which you would like

Slender and slim body
For slim and slender body, large bags floppy add something to your appearance. Any type of bag can also help you add a new dimension.

Beautiful lush body
If you have a beautiful lush body, a case can be covered with little color or a subtle pattern. We recommend using a shoulder bag together. You can click on the upper body, that the general appearance can concentrate.

If it is a perfect hourglass shape, you are very happy because you have many choices. Any suitable form of the body is, any type of bags to be good.

Note that for the time and money when choosing your outfit . Maximize the effect with appropriate accessories. Perfect outfit and the perfect accessory to have is a perfect portrait of the results of your appearance

i hope this Tips to choose a handbags that suits your body shape can help you ~_*

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