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Friday, March 16, 2012

Choose Eyeshadow Colour Base On Your Zodiac

Eko Warsanto

choose eyeshadow solour base on zodiac

Choose Eyeshadow Colour Base On Your Zodiac

Choose Eyeshadow Colour Base On Your Zodiac
Want try somethink unique? how about colouring your eyes base on your zodiac?
not just playing around, belive it or not astrology expert saying this can make balancing your life, and make you look beatiful with your zodiac personality.


Best eyeshadow color: yellow

Yellow is the color that is able to provide energy. With his intelligence skills, memory and communication improves.

If you have fair skin, you can use on the eyelid, without fear of any color that will spoil the appearance. Finish dark shades at the edge of the eye. But if you have dark skin, you can use as eyeliner on the waterline eyes.


Best eyeshadow color: green

This color has the effect of recovery and is able to provide stability and resistance to life. Use it to help heal wounds and bring prosperity.

If you have fair skin, choose the color of olive green, then clean the entire lid. If you have dark skin, choose a dark green color, and then clean up all his life and
tears of the line. Complete with gradation of how to create a smoky eye look.


Best eyeshadow color: red

This means the color of passion, strength and courage. Wear can increase strength, energy and vitality, if you want to start something new

Select a red color with a neutral shade. If you want to apply to the entire lid, be sure to use eye drops in the first place, because the red color of red eye.

Want a safer and more exciting? Select a bright red eye shadow pencil, then draw a picture of an eye for an eye. In addition, the design of the end of the line of the eye-eye point of view like a cat.


Best eyeshadow color: pink

This color inspires love. This color is also the color yangbaik use when you need emotional healing. With it you can open your heart and increase revenues.

Use only the pink color on the eyelids. Finish with mascara.


Best eyeshadow color: orange

The color of power. The use may increase the excitement and optimism, and can help you lead your life the richness and location.

Use this color is shocking effect on your appearance. Select a pencil, and then worked as an eyeliner shade above the eye.


Best colors: blue eyeshadow

These colors reflect the beauty, purity, and wisdom to help the tension. Depreciation can open the mind and encourage patience.

This color is very nice because it can be used as an eyeliner make your eyes whiter. If you have fair skin, you can create a smoky blue eye


Best eyeshadow color: blue

Love, beauty and balance reflected in this color. Blue also has to be a symbol of peace and tranquility. It also gives you the inspiration to look more powerful and decisive action. Depreciation can make life more balanced and prosperous.

If you have a bright color, then moving ice princess blue shadow on the eyelid, then blend with a white eye shadow to highlight brow bone.


The best color shades: burgundy / berry

This inspired the color depth and power of love. With its perception and persistence will increase.

Specifies the type of eye shadow matte. You can also use a type of eye shadow glitter to create a smoky eye. Greed is a black eye on the end to make it spectacular.


The best color shades: Teal

This color can enhance wisdom and optimism. So, use it as a thing, when you travel.

Dark-green-blue color-keyed to create a smoky eye. Greed with brown eyes and folds down to avoid
the effects of theater.


Best eyeshadow color: brown

These colors will help you feel stable and responsible. It can also be motivated to realize their dream.

The natural brown color, which can be easily applied as eye makeup, regardless of the level of brightness to your skin. Combine it with the golden color of makeup.


Best eyeshadow color: purple

This quality of color and goodness of humanity. Thus, these colors can give a sense of community and increase friendship.

If you have a colorful, do not be afraid to make a smoky eye with color. If you have dark skin, choose a dark purple.


Best color eyeshadow green sea foam

Color is able to generate trust and quality of life. Use to give strength to withstand the daily activities.

Use your type of sparkling shadows on the eyelids and eye corners. Finish with a few eyes in line with black eyeliner and mascara

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