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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gloom Become Glamour By Channel

Channel Paris Fashion Week

Gloom become glamour by channel, Krypton planet, a place that superman born has been invasion by supermodel on paris fashion week presented channel product ~_*

That's the background story of the Chanel show, the fashion industry in the Grand Palais, which was filed in the penultimate day of Paris Fashion Week. Six weeks ago, the designer Karl Lagerfeld has transformed the field of Interior building, with a projected above the clouds, look through the rows of small oval windows for lots of Chanel fashion show.

At that time, Lagerfeld has transformed the building into a glass dome at the Fortress of Solitude, Superman shimmering crystal cave. Abundant land was covered with a white-light gray sand. Band game polished amethyst and smoky quartz, and the size of angle as a catwalk model have been held in the pot nicely between the seats.

Once there was a place of honor in the front row Katy Perry, the exact shade of
hair flies Lois Lane sports cartoons. Halo is a fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld on the planet?

But the characters seem more likely to last season, now the fashion is all about the wicked. It was dark, moody collection of Chanel, who was not looking, the grief that gripped the podium contemplating appears to do. Why do people clap when the glamor pensive?

Chanel fashion show precious eyebrow pierced star - by hand to the spectacle of the legendary embroidery house Lesage in Paris - which makes the model look like a rich and spectacular served. Lagerfeld seems to have decided that affected the fashion industry does not need encouragement, but to give trinkets conversion frowned.

Spectacle aside, the weight of the Chanel collection in two ways: he contributed to the silhouette, and accessories. Thin lines and thin, with the volume on his shoulders and went to the geometric details of the mesh and wool.

Tweed sequins, a classic Chanel jacket provide glittering mineral, stylish sportswear to semi-elastic waist and big, and the skirt is worn over tight pants in velvet.

Accessories include ankle strap sandal is superb with crystal embedded in the heel is beautiful, and to provide a new series of miniature handbag in the form of classic Chanel store is packed from Beijing to Buenos Aires.

It is a celebration of the dark art of fashion, as practiced by his master. But - as if to reassure the industry that's not all doom and gloom - Lagerfeld has added a special element to lighten the mood show. Beautiful three years took a turn on the catwalk wearing a layered bags. Take a well-dressed young man, and to add a Chanel handbag: This is a man that women want to know

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