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Monday, March 12, 2012

Dark Theme Miu Miu's autumn and winter collection

Dark Theme Miu Miu's autumn and winter collection

Dark Theme Miu Miu's autumn and winter collection

Fashion Week is over, the fashion industry hopes for the season with black cloth and high necklines

A bright winter sun will be accompanied by a dark and dreary. This is a long term predictions of the fashion industry, fashion show and a full month of designer collections for fall will soon be over.

Pastel colors and pleasing shapes skirt is currently in production facilities will seem a distant memory in September when the new collection will be sold.

"It's a season of mind set, not a trend - the gloom that has formed on this issue," said Anne Marie Curtis, fashion director of Elle magazine, "When Valentino In general, labels. The most beautiful and easy to get started with blacks, that tells you something. "

Justin O'Shea, director of online shopping stores MyTheresa, agrees. . Celebration of Grace "in fashion now the bed is gone, and there are lots of black, bottle green, aubergine velvet and
brocade and leather" by Miuccia [Prada] called. "- From the rich fabric that is not too feminine  will, when autumn comes."

Lemon pistachio, apricot and cream colors of summer 2012, the police intend to change the color of black, green, purple and cobalt.

Dramatic changes, however, is not considered likely to confuse customers. As Paula Reed, style director of Grazia, said: "It's hard to wear a black laminate in the summer and embroidery time readers will enjoy her English more, knowing that it will not last.".

Neck at the top of the trends seen in the next season Stella McCartney and Chanel - and the second collection of Kanye West, is expected to prefer a figure that is more sexually explicit. "The clothes we see a lot unfleshy, even in winter," says Alexandra Shulman, editor of British Vogue. "This is a tight, almost puritanical, with a high neckline We see several layers of clothing worn as pants .."

Ruth Runberg, director of Browns store purchases, agrees that "a high collar, long sleeves and hem around the ankle."

Some see a parallel branch with a new layer to the silhouette, and the expansion of the fashion market with a more conservative view. "Peaks Cols, a coat worn over trousers - I think you can see evidence of fashion, look at other cultures and see the beauty there," said O'Shea.

Curtis admits that "Asian markets have a real impact we have seen a change from the time that Asia has overtaken Russia as an important new market .. E 'is interesting to see how the activities covered by Dior is in season. I think is a strong statement that their customers are. "

Shulman has a different interpretation. "I do not think this is a new client called the aesthetic," he said. "This growth comes from many countries and cultures, including in South America I think the designers make clothes in Europe for a new age of austerity of Europe.".

The darker notes struck by the catwalk this season, reflecting the fact that "dark out there," said Shulman. "But it is more difficult because the network and the method is expensive, so it is still rich in aesthetic rather than tighten their belts."

A London fashion scene rose again, because the impact on the Milan and Paris catwalks. "The designers of the London revival directed maximalist last season, with strong bold," said Runberg ", and this season we see a collection to take the next logical step in a two-dimensional display of jewelry such as pearls, sequins, rhinestones and embroidery. Effect almost baroque in some cases. "

Prada and Vuitton pointed to as evidence of this trend, O'Shea agreed that "it is a real feeling, with lots of jewelry."

British fashion design also plays an important role in the management of Paris Fashion Week. British women's quartet, Sarah Burton Alexander McQueen, Phoebe Philo at Celine, Claire Waight Keller on Chloe and Stella McCartney - Hit Collection do this week.

"There is a healthy tension that can be studied as a British designer who worked in Paris," Waight Keller said before showing sensitivity Chloe "between France and the right are more comfortable with the style of the English language when you mix the two. Easy, that I love you."

From the pulpit of the autumn was over, the industry is currently in preparation for 2013. "Many collections have been too strong for this season," he complained Runberg. "I hope that the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute exhibition at the border of radical upheaval and Miuccia Prada Schiaparelli [opening in May] will inspire more of a small risk 'in the upcoming season."

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