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Saturday, March 17, 2012

How To Make Simple Braided style

Eko Warsanto

How To Make Simple Braided style

How To Make Simple Braided style

Right now braided style become a trend, this hair style can make u more beautiful with elegant style like Greece goddess and this hairstyle make you look smart ~_*

All you need just 5 minute to get that, yeah just 5 minute !

Here are the steps:

1. Comb your hair and do a ponytail on the side to side, which allows you to create a fabric.

2. Then cut the hair into two sections.

3. Take a little hair 'on the outside of the hair. Then, lock of hair is held.

4. Follow the steps on the opposite side.

5. Make a slanting repeated up to 5 cm above the tip of the hair. Make sure you do it regularly.

6. Tie the ends with transparent rubber.

7. Rubber in the first reduction steps that you usd to create the ponytail.

8. Clear braid you have done to create a natural impression. Your appearance will be more feminine and romantic.

simple isn`t it? To get the maximum order, make sure your hair is combed, making it easier to separate the hair before the sickle

I hope this tips can help you ~_*

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