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Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 For Rosie Huntington Whiteley

2012 For Rosie Huntington Whiteley

2012 For Rosie Huntington Whiteley

At Marks & Spencer and Burberry have in hands, a girl who born on a farm in Devon has come a famous

At december 2010, Rosie Huntington Whiteley collision of defferent worlds. As usual, spent the holidays at her parents' home in the land in Devon, but this time, had just first photo cover of Vogue magazine, and his diary for 2011 is full of shoots for Burberry and Marks & Spencer, has brought his friend with him to America. What seems to be the action hero Jason Statham, who in a lifestyle mate is not in LA classic with Rosie, played in real life Barbie, Ken, younger model.

The couple went on Christmas morning when "suddenly turned the corner on country roads and a bull. It was pretty scary, because he has a woman with him, and if you do not want to mess with
the bull." At some point, the bull and the Huntington-Whiteley-Stathams stop, look at each other. This beautiful image: Statham - rubber boots - with his girlfriend to protect against rogue nations bull bodacious beef around the West, facing each other on country roads. Who would blink first? "We fell back on the wall and ran as fast as he could, it's fun -, just run away .."

And "the next morning after a night at the Golden Globe, and Huntington-Whiteley always provide a good discussion, especially given the late hour and Statham -" usually do not have fun at parties in Los Angeles, so we rushed around me all the final week, I'm sorry. "Party trick seems to make it" stand model "that go pout-and-go to the special bridge." It seems so silly, but always comes a time in a celebration that looks very interesting, to coat or some kind of crazy to keep my closet and show them how to stand. In fact, I'm good enough to teach people. "

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a person in 2012. While most models of brand advertising campaigns and fashion shows are anonymous, but everyone in the industry, which has a high quality and competitiveness. He appeared on the cover of Vogue and Harper's, and can also be found in teen bedroom walls across the country (such as Victoria Secret models for a long time to login loyal guy below below). He also faces a new fragrance Burberry (Christopher Bailey says, is "the best of fashion, just head and shoulders above the rest"). With high and low front and public safety in the past year, Huntington-Whiteley, who is 24, add the last piece of the puzzle when he landed, perhaps the most famous models of the country, like a brand new star and Spencer Autograph campaign. In terms of business activity, which significantly affect the nation, which makes clothing from M & S in the billboard has more weight than advertising on the back cover of the magazine.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley M & S campaign, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley her stuff on the shelves in 2012 Marks & Spencer Autograph campaign, one of the greatest concert in Britain in the simulation.

This is part of a stupid fairy tale about a girl who grew to cover of Vogue is always simple, awkward and neglect of children of his early life. I think we want a better story. Huntington-Whiteley asserts that "I was raised on a farm in Devon There are, of course, not the one who told me to be a model .. I'm shorter, I do not know how to dress, I'm skinny and my awkward brackets. And plucked eyebrows are also -. all things that a girl from the west is "It is true that (as is almost always the case with the model of success) on his face as human beings, more excessive and unusual in appearance, less beautiful carefully, looking at the camera lens but he still looks "difficult to believe that when a student comes to Huntington-Whiteley for an internship at a small modeling agency (" I want to work in the fashion industry, perhaps as a designer, and seems to be "), also not a lot of attention" Basically, I made coffee and cigarettes to people. "The course is completed without incident, but several months later, he fell to the agency during a visit to London," because I was looking for the road., so I want to maintain contact, I do. "At this time, someone showed their potential and offered model of the work." I jumped on it because this was my chance to go to the shooting, and what happens there. "

Combined modeling and studied for one year, until, exhausted, had to choose between them. "I told my mother that I do not know what to do, and he said". Come, my dear - what you choose, you have our blessing. "But then he said - I will never forget - he said" ... Keep in mind that such a possibility does not come very often, "I thought, well, I mean, it was the right thing to do, he is my rock, my mother." 16 years, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley left the school.

His memories of the known models of 16 years, not pink. "I do not want to complain, because I left school to pursue, and that's what I like fashion, so people rolled their eyes and think." As might be difficult, but it's hard, you can get a "small agency you scare a child surrounded by adults and do not have the right to choose, you will be required; your needs are not important .... You say that you need a holiday, or you? do not feel comfortable with this or that, and people do not listen. "
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Transformers action stations: Huntington-Whiteley has recently expanded its activities in the action. Here you play with Shia LaBeouf her big break in Hollywood, 20 011 Transformers: Dark Moon. Photo: Paramount / Everett / Rex featur

Contract with Victoria Secret has changed all that, and decisively shifted the balance of power in his favor. "In recent years, it's different I won the right to be heard .. What I want to do is be part of the field, working with people and have the right to choose. I love fashion, I love what I do and the best thing I have an opinion . about working with Marks & Spencer is a welcome way they treated me like I was part of the family, not just clothes .. hear what I say and a lot to me. "

His favorite Rosie Huntington-Whiteley says, is "sincere, these sneaky photographer gets when one of the hair and make-up, or laugh at something. Rankin got a lot of people, and especially for me because I'm Rosie" But as a model, "at some point, You must begin to believe that the product should do business with Giselle view - have a career ... all those who want to brand itself .. " Currently, this type of ambition means that the LA - where, as well as modeling, recently had a major role in the third Transformers film - this is the best place for it to be, but "I miss England, I miss the culture, and television, Radio,. advertising, comedy, food, beautiful countryside, I miss Marks & Spencer - ... Honestly, I do "

LA has its advantages, however. "It's sunny every day, which I love - when he grew up in Western countries, do not take it for granted - and I'd like to be prepared for health and fitness, as it is, I train a lot, because it allows me to have things that I . I want to have "He asserted that the simulation does not give an unhealthy relationship with food." In any case., the opposite is true. Even when I worked at the Victoria Secret girls super healthy. I am a child of two meats and vegetables, when I came to America, I became more educated and in good health now, there are lots of vegetables, lots of missed, but not all the time .. - It is well known in Los Angeles, my pie with roast chicken dinner, and my pot. "

Model, which moves from Devon in Los Angeles, and became famous for its fried chicken pot pie and dinner is not something you encounter every day in the fashion world. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, apparently, a woman who stands alone. . "When I was young, if you are fired or given a hard time, I always tell people to make love, when they have to say that this is what keeps me healthy for the mind, I think - I was a little fighter." It's Jason Statham in it. can find opponents

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