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Friday, January 31, 2014

Blue Eyeshadow

Eko Warsanto

Blue Eyeshadow Tips
Blue Eyeshadow

          Hello again guys ^_^. this day i will talk about Blue Eyeshadow, why a blue eyeshadow? hmm...
honestly i just like this colour after a wile ago watched TV ha..ha.., blue eyeshadow usually used by actress on the red carpet.
          Some people says that blue eyeshadow don`t match with particular person, but i think that statement doesn`t right 100%, in my opinion everyone can used blue eyeshadow as long do the right think like this point:

1. if you have a reddish skin use a eyelid primer, because this prevent the blue eyeshadow turn into purple.
2. u can used a dark shades with blue eyeshadow as long as it not cross the crease line.
3. try to avoid strong color on the lips, because the blue eyeshadow already got a strong image.
4. don`t wear a cloth that have similar colour with your eyeshadow.

that all i can recommended for you all that want to use a blue eyeshadow, happy fashion ^_^

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