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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ananda Marchildon " Too Fat" Model wins case against agency

Ananda Marchildon " Too Fat" Model wins case against agency

Ananda Marchildon " Too Fat" Model wins case against agency

Rules of court for refusing money Ananda Marchildon, after defending her hips are too big

A Dutch fashion model that turned into furniture manufacturer has filed a lawsuit against an international modeling agency, after she won, because her hips, the "too big" reject.

Ananda Marchildon, 25, now with the rest of the prize money he won four years ago at the Next Top Model TV in the Netherlands, the Agency reserves the right elite, after the reduction, arguing that he did not lose enough weight.

Amsterdam District Court on Wednesday said Marchildon will receive € 65,000 (£ 54,000) is equivalent to a three-year contract remaining, he was given, in which he received € 10,000 for the statement.

The majority of cases, depending on whether, Marchildon is proposed to reduce the
size of the thigh, which he had when he won the decline.

E-mail exchanges between the two sides provide important clues. He wrote in a March 23, 2010, Model Agency: "... Today, we measure the hips at 98 inches [sic] This is a reminder of your goal is to have a waist size over 90 cm at the end of June". .

Marchildon, who went on a strict diet, and said a lot of movement, said he was ready to rebuild not go any further. "If at the end of the road, it seems that the problem does not get enough, unfortunately, it does not change the obligation of contracts," he wrote.

The Court, however, although the 180 cm (5'11 ") model has gained weight, because the contract is, she has thighs the size of 92 cm (36.2 inches) for the winner and the institution requires that, before declining to 90 cm

"Elite has no right to complain Marchildon to 90 cm Hips," the court ruled.

Marbhildon said following the decision of the Daily Beast ", is a heavy burden from my shoulders after nearly two years of struggle, finally I was raised right .."

He was charged Wednesday Marchildon clothing company "beautiful woman", adding that the shooting was "It's really crazy, the size of the model should be eliminated as being too big."

In a statement, Marchildon, a carpenter, after he left the agency in September last year, he wanted to go back to furniture

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