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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bill Cunningham The New York's King Of Street Fashion

Bill Cunningham The New York's King Of Street Fashion

Bill Cunningham The New York's King Of Street Fashion

Veteran New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham has taken the case lived for 50 years. A film about his tireless enthusiasm for fashion

Bill Cunningham, the legendary style photographer for The New York Times, has covered fashion for about 20 times, but it seems unjaded is the first time. I'll gladly take a camera, I realized that Cunningham saw mode in a different way from most people in the industry. He really did not want to see a trend, or trying to score cheap points with snarky insults: just love the aesthetic pleasure of a beautiful and original clothing to enter his eyes. He put me to learn in the shadow of cynicism.

Bill Cunningham New York, the documentary about octogenarian remarkable still occupied, it is clear to me that my point of view of man himself as flat as my view of fashion. Cunningham is not just passionate about clothes.

The first thing to say about Bill Cunningham New York, not a movie mode. In fact, fashion is almost in it. This is gentrification in New York, marketing creativity, the influence of religion on a person's life, works of demarcation, although many of his friends is a quarter of your age and how the
integrity of the material world to get in Manhattan and the fashion industry. It also shows how Cunningham is a deceptively simple weekly column in The New York Times, the way in which he photographed people, their clothes attracted attention, has inspired the fashion world beyond measure, influenced a new generation of journalists and bloggers, as well as for use by advertisers to copy .

However, as Cunningham photographs of individual style rather than trends in the mass market illuminate said Bill Cunningham, New York maintains a focus on the history of man himself in a lot of big issues, and this is a story that knocks your socks off. I saw the film in New York this winter, and when Cunningham finally voiced at the center of its history, the whole theater gasping. The scene - and you what I mean when you see the movie, and you should see, to know - is close to your heartbreak to come.

"We have reached the age of cookie cutter equality. There are some rare cases, those who do not want 10 million seems like the others," Cunningham said in the film, exploring the streets looking for an exotic, "haven for birds to photograph." But the most remarkable is the same as the original Cunningham, a man whose constant smile cards in the tragedy, a modern anachronism, true beauty is in the derring-do, a man of true courage in the world of chiffon.

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