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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Elegant Style By Kate Moss

Elegant Style By Kate Moss

Elegant Style By Kate Moss

England super model kate moss share her ideology about fashion style
even with simple dresses kate moss appearance, still invites attention. she really know how to dresses in all situation always accentuate the uniqueness of style and personality.

No wonder that the prestigious fashion magazine, Vogue, recognize her as the best dressed woman. You want to know what the secret Kate Moss look stunning?
she also reveals the appearance of three principles.

1. When in doubt, wear a black dress

Mood is very influential in the selection of clothing. In this condition, Kate Moss always rely on black. Do not take risks with fashion style experiment when the feeling is not feeling well or you are in doubt.

"The dress I was very influenced feelings. I always rely on the palette of black, gray or red. Goes without much thought," Moss said, as quoted from

2. Do not wear excessive accessories

Accessories is a double-edged sword. Can make you look so much up or otherwise, even looks weird.

"Too many accessories will make it look bad. Just wear a mainstay accessory. Can sunglasses or a hat," said Moss.

3. Find inspiration

According to Moss, it is important to have a reference in the dress, such as actress or someone you admire. This will keep you motivated to develop the style icon, into a distinctive personal style

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