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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Women Hair Condition Age Appropriate Range

Eko Warsanto

Hair condition base on age

Not only the face, hair condition of women also experience changes according age ranges. In addition to genetic factors, these changes are usually influenced by a number of external factors from the environment, such as stress, air pollution, unbalanced nutrition, unhealthy food intake, metabolic disorders, exposure to sunlight, and chemical content.

Many women ignore hair care as busy to prevent wrinkles or black spots on the face area. Finally, the hair dye is considered to be a powerful solution to cover gray hair without preventing the hair health care as early as possible and make u fashionable.

To begin treating hair carefully, identify the condition of your hair suit age ranges:

Hair women at this age are in good condition. Hair growth is also optimized so that the hair looks so thick and dense. Oil production on the scalp tends to make quickly oily with

high humidity. The hormone estrogen in their 20s usually run normally and stable so that the hair is still maintained his health condition.

Hair still looks beautiful, despite the signs of aging begin to look for the white hairs started sprouting. If you do not eat a balanced nutritional intake and treated as intense as cream bath twice a month, then the texture of the hair will be brittle and cracked. Generally, rapid loss also occurs due to the age of 30 the body's metabolism begins to slow down, which marked decrease in muscle mass as much as 10 percent.

Signs of aging show up when a woman enters the 40s. Hair looks thinner and less supple even begin to break and fall. Scalp tends to be dry, as well as hair pigment begins to fade on a regular basis.

At this age, a woman's body responds to nutrients and vitamins are slowly having an effect on the disruption of the body's metabolic processes. Hair grows frequency may also be disrupted so often cause baldness in some places. Recommended for women using hair tonic after shampooing, terminated the provision of serum to nourish the trunk, scalp, and hair follicles

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