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Monday, September 29, 2014

Bad behaviour ruin the entire appearance of you

Eko Warsanto

Bad behaviour ruin your fashion

As a style-conscious woman, you certainly do not want errors or omissions small ruin your entire appearance. To avoid this, here are some beauty rituals that you should avoid:

1 Do not wash brush
Remember to wash your makeup brushes makeup especially foundation and concealer at least once in 2-3 weeks.

2 push acne before applying concealer
Maybe you've been too exasperated when looking blotchy in the morning before putting on makeup. Hold yourself. Therefore, imposing torturous acne can break your skin. Never squeeze your pimples before apply makeup for a red post would push harder than acne covered mature.

3 Biting and licking lips
This bad habit will make the lips grow dry and cracked when

using lipstick. Better to use a moisturizer on the lips rather than wet it with saliva.

4 Ignoring the false eyelashes
False eyelashes with good quality can be worn over and over again. However, always remember to clean it up with make-up remover and a cotton bud after it is used. If not, false eyelashes will be a nest of germs, and potentially cause irritation when used at a later date.

5. Too many eyebrows revoke
With an eyebrow pencil can all be overcome. That is a false statement because in fact the most natural eyebrows either. Eyebrow pencil only to cover imperfections, not to make eyebrows. To create the perfect eyebrow shape, go to a professional salon, and follow the shape that was created when removing eyebrow at a later date.

6. ignore the expiration date
You definitely will not eat products that out of date not? Just like food, also do not ever wear makeup out of date, because it can cause acne, and even irritation. Check back the expiration date your makeup equipment. Letter M for months, and Y for years.

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