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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Minor negligence on makeup

Eko Warsanto

makeup mistakes

          Many people doesn`t know or doing a minor negligence on makeup, without them knowing a minor negligence on makeup happening with their daily activity. whether less knowledge of it, because hurry or mind being bounced make a minor negligence on makeup happen.

          Various minor negligence on makeup is most often experienced on women is too thick eyebrows, uneven foundation, lipstick too flashy, and much more. for not to trap with this problem i have a tips for you all, here are the tips.

Eyebrow too thick
lately thick eyebrow are demand, but it could by a on minor negligence makeup if you are born without a eyebrows thick, that mean your around face doesn`t match with thick eyes brow, so if you want thick your eyes brow, you should
do it smoothly. trim your eyebrow naturally then shape it with a pencil eyebrow and for the end comb brow using a brow bush that mixing eventually.

Choose wrong brush
choose wrong brush can make a minor negligence on makeup, so you should select an appropriate function makeup brush with contour of your face, because when using a makeup brush, causing makeup looks "antique" and strange. the other thing we should remember is a makeup brush care are if you apply makeup every day, then you should must clean up the brush once a week, if you are rarely up so wipe it once every two weeks.

Piling nail polish
for not get a minor negligence on makeup do not doubt the same colour nail polish on the nail that still have the rest of the nail polish that has not gone away. clean it first, then apply your latest nail polish colour. nail polish that has accumulated in the nail can make yellow nail colour and make a thick and rough cuticles.

Excessive makeup
to avoid a minor negligence on makeup you should avoid putting on makeup every day with full makeup with a level layer of concealer, function, moisturizer, powder and brush. just like other body parts, facial skin are also need a room to breath. for daily makeup, try to limit the use of only basic product, moisturizer and powder.

Mascara mess
for those of you who diligently grooming, applying mascara is certainly not difficult thing. yet !!, despite the makeup expert, a "disaster" that light often experienced by women are flaky mascara stuck to the eyelid. because of that after the dress try to makeup check. if there is  a mascara powder that falls into the eye, wipe with cotton bud dipped in cleaning fluid into the eye. then, pat on the affected eye mascara flakes.

Clean your face with wet wipes
one of the minor negligence on makeup, that somewhat cumbersome and time consuming. however before cleaning the face with wet wipes, make sure the tissue is devoted to the face. therefore, there are some facial wipes that contain strong chemicals and high alcohol content. thus, it can lead to facial skin dry, moreover, it also can make the delicate areas of the eyebrow and flushed with irritation.

that what i can tell you about a minor negligence, i hope this will help you all.

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