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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lip Tattoo

Eko Warsanto

Temporary Lip Tattoo
Lip Tattoo

hello guys, this time i gone talk about Lip Tattoo.
as you all know, tattoo identically with body, but right know it can be done on your lip, just like the picture.
are you all interesting it all ready?

maybe right know in you mind already questioning what should i do if i want get that Lip Tattoo.
on this occasion, i will tell you some step to get a Lip Tattoo.

1. of course you must get a person that have skill to do it.
2. after get the tattoo, you must keep it dry about 4 or 5 days since it done.
3. give your lip a vitamin A and D, or give some antimicrobial soap.
4. you could get a paper towels in to your mouth for absorb saliva and for keep your lip drier, after 3 days u cant get that paper off.

that a little tips from me, about Lip Tattoo.
i hope this will help you ^_^

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