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Monday, April 9, 2012

How to Choose Jeans

Eko Warsanto

choose a jeans
How to Choose Jeans
         Hey every one, in this opportunity i am going share how to choose jeans, hope this will help your activity ^_^.

         Rules number 1 for choosing a jean for you is that you must know what your type body, are you a slim body type?, athletic body type, curvy body type, and full figured body type. you must have also pay attention your height, whether you are tall, medium or short.

         Last survey says that a women have 10 jeans, but only take it just two of them. and 7 of 10 women not used jeans any more because think impossible to find jeans that fit to their body. it`s obviously not wrong jeans or our bodies, all the more because our expectation were to high. we want pants that fits in the body

It's definitely not wrong jeans or our bodies, all the more because
our expectations were too high for denim. We want pants that fits in the body, lift your buttocks high, they look thinner thighs and legs are longer. All this without a muffin top and drooping buttocks when sitting. Hope is also a piece of clothing fashion. How can we expect that the item meets all our needs?

To find a specific jeans, the average woman tries to five pairs of jeans before finding one that suits you. Well, do not despair, Mark Heyes, a celebrity stylist to be sure there are jeans that fits. "You have not found the right one."

Heyes Another interesting proposal is to find jeans that fit should not activate the release of famous designer jeans. It is not necessary if the budget is not appropriate. The solution can be found on High Street retail jeans. Reason, almost all high street jean has a small amount of Lycra content which makes it more flexible. '

"Admittedly not as good as the best designers out thier quallity. Seaweed He Dior, but they are cheaper," he advised.

"I always recommend that if you find jeans that fit, buy three pieces. You will never have." Mark recommends Motorcycle Top shop, River Island and Oasis as the main way to shop for jeans.

Another suggestion is to cure stuck in a style of jeans that's all. "Women with wide hips for all models with boot cut., But that does not mean that you should wear a life model without trying other models," the eyes of the Commission. Boot cut are obsolete. So, whatever the size or straight pants tight jeans would be more appropriate.

Problems arise with the right jeans is the importance of muffin top, mouth open to life, which has slipped to the back of the thigh that stands out wings caused jeans too tight.

For those pants berbokong large assembly often problematic in the ass, but a huge living section open. Overcome these Heyes recommend buying jeans River Island. "River Island seem to be able to make cuts with a pair of jeans not so wide open space in the back."

Now, talk to the abdomen. Yes, the muffin top is annoying. Women, mostly aware when it comes to stomach problems. Lying little that can be hidden until smooth. "If you want to wear jeans to hide the abdomen instead of the size of skyscraper high," said Hayes.

He warned, it is important not to make mistakes in the distinction between high and a high waist jeans. As an example of 70s style that is so popular with high waist jeans style. But it was only appropriate for pants models or younger than 18 years.

"A high-waisted toughest denim imposed by most people, because these pants are designed for people who flat stomach and buttocks look bigger than the original."

Well, do not hesitate to wear skinny jeans. In addition to the model is suitable for all women, Hayes said about the rule of three. If a trend can last for three or more seasons, the entry will be classic. Skinny jeans lasted 10 seasons.

That all i know for choose a jeans,  happy fashion ^_^.

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