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Monday, April 2, 2012

Kim Kadarshian Rejected Again By British Kingdom

Kim Kadarshian Rejected Again By British Kingdom

           Again Kim kadarshian rejected by british kingdom, especially by kate middleton. after rejected to viewing face to face in tea request, this time kim was rejected by her fashion style.

           Many ways kim kardashion doing to take kate middleton care, because she was very obsessed to kate and because she like to make a friends with famous people to raise her popularity, after the british kingdom was rejected about the request for drink tea together with kate middleton, and again she offer some sampel fashion style for kate, but again the british kingdom rejected, like the statement that out from the inside british kindgom.

 " Duchess always get free clothes every day of the week to the place, and she always sent her back. Royal family to be careful in choosing produk. Ragardless, Kardashian style was incompatible with image od the Duchess"

what do you think about this ? ~_*

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