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Monday, February 17, 2014

Spa At Home

Eko Warsanto

Spa At Home
Spa At Home

         i always think is it spa at home can do it?, the answer is absolutely it can. so what i must prepare for doing spa at home?, you just need get your self at home, ha ha i just kidding. here the stuff you must prepared for doing spa at home.

1. water of course
2. bath salts
3. essential of tree oil
4. eucalyptus
5. mint
6. coconut milk
7. a lotion with C, E and B5 vitamins

       okay after you collect all of that stuff you are ready for doing spa at home right now

1. Relaxation spa from head to toe.
take a bath in shower, with mix the bath salt and the soap, start to rub all over the body with soft massage, try to focus on a particular part that feels slightly rough and dull, so the all of the dead skin cells can be lifted.
and then rinse your body with a clean water.

2.  Relaxation spa for skin.
get the warm water in the bath tub, after the steam make the temperature warm in the space of bathroom, the next step is pouring the essential oils of tea tree or eucalyptus or mint into the water because all of them are capable of producing antibacterial aromatherapy really well, so you can enjoy the bathing.

3. Spa for moisturize skin.
mix the pure water with coconut milk, get on it about 10-15 minutes. after that dry you body by pat the skin slowly, and the last step is take a lotion that have vitamin C, E, B5 for your skin.

that all what a can say for doing spa at home, happy fashion ^_^

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