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Saturday, February 1, 2014

At Home Pedicure

Eko Warsanto

Simple At Home Pedicure
At Home Pedicure

          At home pedicure, it is possible or impossible?, at home pedicure is possible !, believe me guys ^_^. if you can do at home pedicure why would you must spend a lot of money doing it on salon or spa etc.
here i gone give you all what must to do for doing at home pedicure.

Firstly you must prepare some of this equipments:

1. warm water on the basket.
2. milk or soap oil.
3. a flower like rose, this is optional you can do it or not, depend you will.
4. cuticle cream.
5. foot scrub and moisturiser.
6. nail clippers.
7. nail polish remover
8. a loofah.
9. a nail file.
10. cotton pads.

after you get that all stuff, here the step for doing, at home pedicure.

step 1
cut your nail feet into a model that you want it, and then take the nail polish remover to remove your old nail polish, for the last use a nail file to takt it in shape

step 2
mix the warm water and a milk or soap oil into the basket, and you can give more a flower like rose or another flower, after that get you feet into a basket full of mix warm water and milk or soap oil, about 5 minutes.

step 3
get off your feet to basket, and give the nail some of cuticle cream, take it alone flow a while.
after that get some foot scrub, it is necessary to remove the dry and dead skin cells.

step 4
give your feet a moisturiser, do it with massage your foot re laxly.

step 5
now your ready to paint your nail into a model that you want it.

that all what i can give you some information about, at home pedicure.
and you can read another article about super fast pedicure in my blog, happy pedicure all ^_^.

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